What is a burr coffee grinder?

The coffee grinder is a common accessory that is used not only by baristas, but also home-users, if they don’t like to buy ground coffee. Such a grinder allows you to control the size of the coffee grinds. The construction is simple, where the most important part is naturally the burrs. There are flat and conical burr grinders, but they will be described closely in the following paragraph.

Conical burr coffee grinder vs. flat burr coffee grinder

You might think that those two grinder types work the same, but in fact, they have their own characteristics that are responsible for the extraction percentage, and the way coffee beans are being ground.

The first thing that clearly varies those two types of burr grinders, is the shape of the burrs. The flat burr grinder has two rings with burrs that lay on each other, and the gaps are not on the bottom, but on the edges. The conical burr grinder has cone-shaped burrs with the hap on the bottom. Coffee beans will have even size when they were ground in the flat burr grinder. That is why this type of grinder is beloved of espresso drinkers.

Not only the even size of the beans makes this relatively new type of coffee grinders so popular. It increases the percentage of coffee mass extraction. It is said that the percentage beneath 18 % makes the coffee sour and weak. Thanks to the flat burr coffee grinder, you are able to extract up to 25 % or more coffee mass. This will make your espresso even more aromatic and flavorful. Unlike the conical burr grinders, they deliver sweet, well-balanced flavors. The coffee grinders using flat burr on our store is 022, 025, 900N, 900A and C98pro model. 

The conical burr grinders have their own advantages too. For example, if you prefer rich, deep, and heavy-body notes in your morning coffee, choosing this type of the grinder is a wise decision. The coffee grinders using conical burrs on our store is 026, 016 and 017 model. 

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