Do I Need A Destoner For My Coffee Roaster?

From the moment the coffee beans are picked until they reach your customer’s coffee cup, it takes a long road with several stopping points where the beans need to be processed and sorted. These processes include harvesting, picking, conveying, carrying, drying, washing, pulping, sorting, bagging, and transporting to the warehouse. There’s plenty of opportunities to attract some unwanted hitchhikers along the way. 

What Is A Destoner?

Destoners are an essential part of the roasting process, serving as insurance and that extra layer of protection for your equipment, your coffee product, and your reputation. And they’re the last chance you have to ensure clean, trouble-free coffee. 

How Does A Destoner Work?

Destoner works on a gravity principle by using the relatively light weight of the coffee beans to detect other foreign objects that might be found, such as stones and metals. It is equipped with an adjustable large volume air blower, creating a vacuum tunnel for separating the coffee beans from heavier weight foreign particles. Consequently, we receive a clean product containing 100% pure coffee, without risking our customers or their equipment.

Destoner is fully integrated into your roaster, connected directly to the beans’ exit from the cooling tray. Evacuating the cooled beans directly to the stoner without a middle stop in the process so, the cooled beans are evacuate directly to the de-stoner without a middle step. All you need to do is open the cooling group door and push the De-stoner button. The operation switch, de-stoner power alimentation and frequency inverter interface are all integrated into the machine and need no extra infrastructure or installation.

So our advice is yes if you can afford to purchase a destoner, then you really can’t afford not to. It should be viewed as a necessary investment in your coffee and your brand.