EC-500 Coffee Roaster: Introduction and Operation Guide


From commercial to specialty, the Elecster excels with abundant heat supply and precise control, enabling delicate roasting tailored to the preferences of professional roasters. It achieves unique roasting profiles for coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Yemen Mocha, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, COE, and Esmeralda Geisha etc.


1. Real-time Profile Creation

The roasting profile is displayed in real time on the built-in screen, eliminating the need to connect to a PC or install additional software. All necessary information for roasting is shown on the screen, allowing for professional roasting based on the received data.

2. Precision Control of Firepower, Airflow, and Drum Settings

10-step firepower: precision control
10-step airflow: delicately adjustable with a damper
10-step drum speed: flexible 30RPM to 60RPM
These detailed controls enable stable firepower supply and exhaust management according to the roaster's intent.

 3. ROR / DTR

The coffee roasting machine, prioritizing temperature understanding, automatically calculates and displays Rate of Rise (ROR) and Development Time Ratio (DTR) in real time, alongside ongoing roasting profiles.

4. Temperature/Time Display

State-of-the-art sensors measure temperatures inside the drum and on the surface of the coffee beans. Any detected temperature changes are displayed in real time on the screen alongside timestamps. Key temperature and time metrics include:

  • Surface temperature of the beans / Internal temperature of the drum / Processing time
  • Temperature and time at input / Turning point temperature and time
  • First crack temperature and time / Temperature and time at discharge

5. Preheating Function

Input temperature is crucial for precise roasting. By setting the preheating temperature at the beginning, an alarm alerts when the desired temperature is reached, ensuring green coffee beans are added at the optimal temperature.

6. Alarm Function

You can set the alarm to sound at a specific temperature of your choosing. For instance, setting an alarm before reaching the expected first crack temperature allows you to monitor critical moments even while multitasking, thereby optimizing your time efficiently.

7. Rapid Cooling System

Rapid cooling after release is crucial for achieving the desired results intended by the roaster. This is accomplished efficiently with a powerful cooler equipped with a high-power blower fan, ensuring quick and effective cooling.

 Operation Guide

1. Press Roasting button

2. Press Heater button to set the preheating temperature (e.g. 160°C)

 3. When the set temperature is reached, an alarm will sound, and the Start button will illuminate. Press and hold the Start button while adding green beans into the drum to begin the roasting process. 

4. Adjust the firepower, airflow, and drum speed according to your preference.

5. When you reach the desired roasting point, press the EJCET button and open the gate at the same time. 

Easy to Clean

The electric chaff cyclone collector operates by simply plugging in the power cord, making it very easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.

  • All fastening parts can be easily disassembled.
  • The part connecting the drum to the cyclone can be easily disassembled and cleaned with a silicone tube.
  • The cyclone features a filter net inserted in the center to filter out foreign substances and chaff. This filter net can be easily opened and closed, making it very easy to separate and clean.